Welcome to the Research Wikispace for the School of Education at University of Rhode Island

Guiding Question:

How can the URI SOE support your scholarship, publications, and grant-writing efforts?

Step 1: Focus on Education

What would you consider to be the Top Five Themes in Education that are critically needed in research? (Download the larger list of examples under each theme here:

  1. 21st Century Teaching and Learning
  2. How People Learn
  3. Assessment
  4. Social Justice
  5. Policy Issues

Step 2: Focus on Your Research: Where does your research fit in?

  • Click on this padlet link to connect your current/hopeful areas of research to one of these themes. (Click to view the padlet on the whole page or view embedded below)
  • NEXT STEPS: What additional interests can we discuss at the next faculty meeting? Who would like to help plan next steps?
    • Interested planning committee members: Julie Coiro, Terry Deeney, Kees deGroot, Jay Fogleman, and Minsuk Shim