November 15, 2014

Brown Bag Discussion Held Before SOE Faculty Meeting (12:15-1:00)
The planned outcome for this month is the following:
  • OUTCOME 2: (Oct.-Nov 2014) As a group, we brainstorm SOE Scholarship Topics, our own research interests, and sort/map our individual interests onto this common vision
    • DONE: We started this at Aug. 26, 2014 retreat with topics
    • NEXT: (Nov. 15) Further define/conceptualize our SOE vision of each of these five areas of scholarly work (21st Century Teaching and Learning; How People Learn; Assessment, Social Justice; Policy (working from typed list of sticky notes as a starting place)
    • NEXT: (Maybe between November and December meeting?) Sort our individual topical interests or past/current work to fit under one of more of these 5 areas

Click here to access the Google Docs file in which we will define the five themes in ways that represent the range of ideas offered in each category.
Click here to access our table of research areas and topics

We discussed our preference for thinking of each theme as interconnected with the others rather than thinking of each in isolation; eventually, we may be able issue some type of focused statement that integrates elements across all five themes are representative of the work we do in the URI SOE.

Initial brainstorm for how to visualize the five SOE themes while discussing/envisioning where each of us fits as individuals, helping us to consider potential research partners among our faculty, and helping us to validate the efforts of faculty members who are out in the schools with PD efforts as crucial partners for faculty members focused on research; consider the potential of research/school partnerships