SOE Research and Scholarship Committee Update – February 2015

Thank you to those faculty members who were able to join us for one or more of our three previous Research and Scholarship meetings - We had a great turn out and really enjoyed the conversations! These meetings were held from 12:15-1:00 just before our regular faculty meetings in November 2014, December 2014, and January 2015 to address the first of two action items for Year 1:
To flesh out what URI SOE means in terms of research and scholarship – Who are we? What do we want our audience(s) to know about us, collectively and individually?

As a result of these meetings, the Committee is excited to share the draft of areas of research and scholarship happening in the School of Education, accompanied by summary statements that articulate particular interests among our faculty. These interests were originally derived from ideas generated in our "sticky-note" activity at the August 2014 Faculty Retreat, and then, at the monthly follow-up meetings, compiled, analyzed, and constructed into the following four overlapping areas:

Innovation in Education
This thread represents our efforts to design, implement, and research innovative practices and tools that strengthen and advance learning and teaching.

Learning and Teaching Across the Lifespan
This thread represents our efforts to conduct research and disseminate findings that help us understand and support teacher and learner development over the lifespan and across disciplines.

Social Justice
This thread represents our efforts to foster culturally responsive practices that promote equity, access, and excellence in education for learners across the lifespan.

Assessment, Evaluation, and Educational Policy
This thread represents our efforts to conduct research and disseminate findings to help us understand and influence educational policies that impact instruction, assessment, practice, and evaluation.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback about this draft and hope that you might see yourself and your work fitting into one or more these areas, in terms of areas of scholarship in teaching/practice, scholarship in research or both.

If, as a whole faculty, we like this draft as a cohesive representation of how we are collectively moving toward improving education, the second step in our Year 1 action plan is to begin to define (and realize) each of our roles in this effort as we move forward. In our September 2014 list of outcomes, we suggested two ways to begin this process in the Spring 2015:
  • Each faculty member updates their individual website to reflect most current work and their role in this collaborative SOE identity;
  • Each faculty member considers how his/her interests connect with one or more of these four areas.

We plan to meet next month on March 27 and very much hope you will join us to consider how you might participate in the Spring 2015 phase of our action plan.