December 12, 2014

Brown Bag Discussion Held Before SOE Faculty Meeting (12:15-1:00)
The planned outcome for this month is the following:
  • OUTCOME 2: (Oct.- December 2014) As a group, we brainstorm SOE Scholarship Topics, our own research interests, and sort/map our individual interests onto this common vision
    • DONE: We started this at Aug. 26, 2014 retreat with topics
    • (November and December meetings) Further define/conceptualize our SOE vision of each of these five areas of scholarly work (21st Century Teaching and Learning; How People Learn; Assessment, Social Justice; Policy
    • NEXT: (during December/January break) Sort our individual topical interests or past/current work to fit under one of more of these 5 areas - return to the Padlet page to move our topical interests under one or more of these themes

Click here to access the Google Docs file in which we will define the five themes in ways that represent the range of ideas offered in each category.
Click here to access our table of research areas and topics